4 different ways to enjoy a
Potato Omelette

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If you are a classical person by definition, we have the best omelet for you. However, we are never in any doubt that you will be able to, in a fit of modernity, share with your friends some important moments in your life and make something Surprising which will turn you into the life and soul of the event. Once this has happened everything will be on your side to start to improvise when they least expect it. Nevertheless you and I know that at home in private what you really like is to do things to your liking.


FROZEN potato omelet

Traditional FROZEN potato omelet

The most traditional of our omelets is a convenient dish to keep handy due to its profitability, its convenient portions and the efficacy of each unit.

A homogeneous product conceived as a basic product at the family home as well as bars, canteens or dining halls which receive a big amount of people.

Pefect as “tapa”, sandwich, starter or combination platter.

[24 months expiry date]


FRESH potato omelet

Surprising FRESH potato omelet

We offer you a ready to eat product which just needs some heating before being served.

The mixture of textures, together with the consistency of the potato, the smoothness of the egg and the fibrousness of the onion combine perfectly with pinch of crunchy salt.

It is a great starter at home and in restaurants alike. You give it the finishing touch leaving it more or less juicy, it is a matter of taste.

[45 days expiry date]


REFRIGERATED potato omelet

Improvised REFRIGERATED potato omelet

This is a finished product which does not need heat to be consumed. This characteristic makes it special for excursions, outings, etc.

It has all the flavor and aroma of our omelets and keeps its shape without breaking.

Its minimum requirements as regards storing and refrigeration make it apt to be used in many different and adverse occasions.

[90 days expiry date]

To your liking

Omelet MIX

To your liking Omelet MIX

This is the omelet you can personalize. You can give it the texture and the homemade aspect you want and you can also add any ingredient or seasoning to make your omelet more exclusive.

It can also be used as layer for more elaborate dishes.

Embrace your inner chef and save yourself the preparation time, it is almost ready to serve.

[24 months expiry date]

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  • Improvised
  • Your liking
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