Spinach omelette roll and salmon

Start doing the two tortillas, beat the eggs without adding salt, ham and salmon will provide enough flavor, in a medium skillet about 24 cm. put a little oil on it and we pour the beaten eggs and let them be first one side and then the other without bending, making it as pancakes or crêpes. You should not make them too long, not too brown, so it will be easier and more juicy liarlas.

We put each one on a plate and let cool completely. We begin with the first, the salmon, place it on a sheet of film and had to fill it, not covered all the tables have to leave one of the free ends of filling.

First untáis cream cheese you've chosen covering more than half of the circumference or what is the same, leaving about 3 fingers off on one end. Chop pickles or two if they are small and a few chopped walnuts and scatter over the cheese, sprinkle with some dill. Placed on top of smoked salmon slices and cover it again with a little cream cheese and dill.

Now we are going to roll .. roll up onto the tortilla filled leaving the free end portion, thus filling is spreading reaches the end and not protruding from the roll. If you put more filling, then remove the excess and now this, but doing so leaves very well.

Then I rolled her in the plastic film roll below us, turning the ends like a candy, squeezing so that it is tightly closed. We put in the fridge and leave at least 3 hours, if the next day you can leave overnight. What we get, we remove the plastic and cut the ends to equalize

For coverage prepare two dishes, one put a couple of tablespoons of butter will have melted in the micro and the other poppy seed, We roll the butter and then by pressing seeds to coat well. Cut into slices and serve.

To prepare the spinach rolls only vary the filling, you can use fresh or frozen, I have used frozen chopped spinach, the cocéis in the microwave according to package directions and drain well squeezing to loosen all the water in a frying pan put a tablespoon of oil and sauté the spinach well. Add the cream cheese and a pinch of rosemary, mix well and leave to cool.

Once cold had to do the scroll the same way as with the salmon putting a layer of spinach, sliced ​​ham and top with another layer of spinach. As before .. the film .. the fridge .. cut into slices and finally one will get two plates honey will have warmed a little before and one with sesame.

We bathe the curl in honey and sesame emborrizamos with squeezing a little to stick well. We cut and presented on skewers to eat punctured easily.


Rollitos de tortilla de espinacas y salmón blanco
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