Potato omelette cooked in cider

Chop the potatoes and tortillas (to taste add onion or not). The salt it and put over medium heat fry in plenty of oil.

While the potatoes are done, chop the garlic and onion. In a casserole or pie we put to fry with a little oil.

When the onion and garlic are tender, add the ham and sauté. We add the paprika and cider bottle near. We leave to simmer for is made gradually.

When the potatoes are ready, cuajamos the tortilla on both sides. Once we have it ready, incorporate it into the pan and let simmer for 10 minutes.

I've added at the end strips of piquillo peppers.

When in the fire, the omelette is absorbed slowly in cider and is very juicy.

(Thanks to Blog Ospanacar for the recipe)


Tortilla de patata guisada a la sidra blanco
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