Who invented the potato omelette?


Until recently, the first known document in which reference was made to the omelette was a letter dated in 1817 led to the Cortes of Navarra in which it was said that the inhabitants of Pamplona consumed: two or three eggs in tortilla mixing five or six potatoes, bread, etc.. Some suggest that it was General Thomas Zumalacárregui who invented omelette "by necessity", as it was a simple and nutritious dish can satisfy the appetite of the Carlist army. Others propose that the invention should he attributed to Lancelot Casteau Belgian chef, who published the recipe in 1604 and worked as a cook for three bishops of Liege.

However, in the book "The Potato in Spain. History and Andean Tuber Agroecology", written by Javier Lopez CSIC scientist Lineage, lies the origin of the Spanish omelette in the Extremaduran town of Villanueva de la Serena in century XVIII. The work refers to documents that talk about the omelette in this town in 1798, and attributed its invention to Joseph de Tena Godoy and the Marquis de Robledo.

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Who invented the potato omelette?
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