The art of omelette: great chefs talk


Although it has not achieved universal (their loss), potato omelette because it deserves it made perfect kitchen. And yet, or precisely why there are so many omelettes as cooks.

Spend as with music. One other thing to create and interpret signatures confirm thirteen, thirteen cooks with Repsol Suns: each brings a personal touch in the kitchen. "Spend as with music," says Andoni Aduriz of Mugaritz three Repsol Suns. "One thing is creating quite another interpretation, experience, taste ...".

The "musical instruments" are simple and easy to use: eggs, potatoes, olive oil, salt and ... onion, or not (will not go into the famous controversy that divided the country for centuries). But the quality of the "instrument" counts and counts a lot.

Xavier Pellicer, in the kitchen of the two Repsol Suns Can Fabes comments that are important, "the type of potato, oil ..." and even "the place". Ferran Adrià is decisive control adds that "temperatures and staging". And Manolo de la Osa, the three Repsol Suns The Gates, believes that "the beaten egg, seasoning and the onion poached" are factors that explain why there is no omelette alike.

Berasategui asks much love, tenderness ... "and so far it reads" All that said, it seems easy to make the perfect omelette. But fit tips. The Three Suns Repsol Martin Berasategui points to something very personal: much love, tenderness ... "and even there you can read."

If our concern is that it is juicy, Aduriz says no more than "leave little curd". Adrià and proposes innovative procedure "incorporate some raw yolk inside when it is done."

But as we said, the quality of the ingredients is essential, as the Three Suns Repsol insists Carme Ruscalleda. Potatoes and onions should be large, as advised by Carles Tejedor, the three Repsol Suns Via Veneto, and Paquita and Dolores Rexach, the three Repsol Suns Hispània, consider that eggs should also be quality. Now just play try ... again.

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The art of omelette: great chefs talk
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