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The humored the title has to do with the sign that a bar of Bilbao, in the Championship winning Spanish Tortilla, hung on the front door. We do not know if it was a hot or a fool, since we are not able to count the strenuous efforts made by many for not pronounce the word Spain: "Tortilla State Competition 1st Prize". Santi González beautifully told in a beautiful piece on his blog. Incidentally, I have not tried the omelette, but something would have when the blessed.

As the omelette Can many Proustian component: comes to mind of our mother. The mine, obviously, you can dispute any trophy and probably win, but my mother will not have a bar. Those who do have the product have inflicted unspeakable assault tortillas parched, rock hard, bland and dim or high as cheeses, the latter being inexplicable. A good omelet is not available to all establishments, but there are some who have made this an art, almost special dedication, and obtained fair return for it.

I remember a small bar on a street crossing Madrid Mesoneros Romans, before reaching Dodsworth, every morning we were going to devour Cadena Ser average four or five tortillas made his lovely lady: just the right size, soft, tasty , with or without onion, potato and thus with good. It closed; worth. Now, when I want a good, excellent, almost unique omelette I will Palencia, enclosing surprises Unknown Beauty priceless. There is the Grill La Encina, and inside is Ciri Gonzalez, maximum maker.

I wrote it on many occasions: since General Zumalacárregui invented Bilbao fully Site has not been another artist with more skill (Spanish tortilla is an invention Carlist, you see) in the preparation of this delicacy. Kennebec potato Ciri always used the orchards Palencia and has not scrub the potatoes well under running water, but with a damp cloth after frying, let the oil drain well, as little a couple of hours. And then you always use the same pair of pans that lovingly cares. The interior point can be to your taste, but she is in favor of leaving the egg almost liquid. I always ask a few more seconds, and, if possible, without onion, but the house itself is with her. It takes a few years.

At the Grill, by the way, eating a great Spanish cuisine, the churros lechazos Cerrato Valley and La Esgueva are excellent and the handling of the coal is in tune with the oven. Palencia offers good deal on different clothing Castilian cuisine, more rustic or traditional, elaborate or modern. Coinciding with San Antolin I drop a couple of days and there are three or four places that do not forgive. One is Casa Lucio, another Max's, another La Traserilla and other La Tasca. And not all have to be lamb: in Pepe's me zampa one hake still remember and still looked bright eyes seconds before slaughter.

Back to the omelette. Next week I want to dedicate a few lines, all if possible, to the city of Vitoria, the jewel that is as elegant dining room. Were it not so today would have had to make specific mention of the tortilla that Raul and his brothers candied and congeal in Txiqui Bar, a tavern of life in which, incidentally, fry very well. Txiqui tortilla falls short of La Encina and kindness and affection from their owners Basque in the same summit Castilian treatment palentinos affable. And now, if you please, instead of fighting about how you have to write Guetaria and stuff, pass comment on where the best omelette you know. I can not wait to take note.

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The best omelet State
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