Precocinados Naturales Riojanos investment projects


Encouraged by the growth experienced in the last year, Natural Meals Riojanos, refrigerated tortilla maker under the brand 'COMOENCASA', undertake various investments during the year, aimed at both machinery and boost your business abroad. Moreover, the company plans to enhance its activity outside our borders, which currently focuses on Italy, France, Germany, England and Portugal. In this sense, invest to strengthen its presence in the European Union countries, in addition to making the leap to new destinations in the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

While developing these projects, the company has introduced new products in refrigerated products with a new vacuum pack allowing up to 60 days of life. It launched grilled tortillas 750 g in weight, omelette ciabatta (120 g) specially formatted for snacks and special iron omelette sandwich (400 g).

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Precocinados Naturales Riojanos investment projects
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